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Co-Founder and Ori Coach
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Ifasewa Fatooyin is a speaker in the field of self-development. She has taught African and Afro-Cuban dance, written and performed her poetry on TV, shares her "removing the masks" meditation, however, her greater dedication most of her life has been empowering and helping the community. 

Fully initiated in Ifa in 2006 accessing and cultivating a spiritually rich life her focus has been on wellness and assisting in one's work toward liberation. 

Sharing her own experiences to show how breakdowns are breakthroughs that teach us the value of love, the importance of gratitude, simplicity, forgiveness, humility, and how peace of mind brings the ultimate smile. Continually traveling between Africa, America, and other countries and teaching Ifa over the years, her mission is to spread the words, " Ori is Key, we are accountable for all we do and say, our character is the only thing that follows us everywhere in every dimension and Ori is the author of it all." 

Co-Founder and Ori Coach

Makajuola was born and raised in the heart of South Central

Los Angeles California. With that being said, Makanjuola has definitely seen his share of trials and tribulations throughout his life. In 2009 he was experiencing some serious trials in his life when a friend suggested that he go see a local Babalawo. He took his friend up on the offer and that experience transformed his life forever.

He continued to study IFA for years leading to his Initiation

to IFA in 2018.

Since his initiation, Makajuola has vowed to share the message of IFA with his community. He is now an active Awo and continues his trainings in pursuit of assisting his communtiy by sharing

the wisdom of Ifa 

While studying Ifa one morning, Makanjuola discovered the importance of one's Ori and it's invaluable connection to Olodumare. He began to explore Ori's role in one success or failures in life and began the self-work to reconcile his own narrative which had driven his experiences. Life was never the same after that. 


One day while discussing IFA with Ifasewa, the importance of Ori came up in the conversation. They both agree that this is a message that needs to be clarified in the community.

Therefore, Ori Eni was born.  



Ori Eni Makanjuola edit Now Name

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