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New Sessions Begin 1/23/2021

Let's face it, life happens to the best of us. We've all experienced a bad relationship, divorce, abuse (mental or physical), disappointment, rejection, abandonment and the list goes on. Each of these experiences is recorded in our Ori. Our Ori (mind) replays these experiences, whenever we cross paths with resembling scenarios. Our development can be temporarily arrested causing us to miss out on divine opportunities out of fear. Then we get on the bull horn to tell anyone willing to listen.


Until we change that narrative, our thoughts that dictate our actions will continually impede our ability to receive the message that Olodumare is trying to reveal to us. We will even be blocked from truly grasping the messages from Olodumare from an Awo, Iynanifa, or Babalawo in a Dafa (Ifa Divination / Reading) or your Itefa (initiation).  


Ori Eni will help you to break down and reconstruct your information filtration system, through what we refer to as Narrative Reconciliation. This process includes various exercises designed to interrupt one from reacting from a victim's point of view. Alternatively, you will take control of the situation from an aerial view over any situation you may face in life. This way the scars of the past will yield to the wisdom of Olodumare so that you can make better decisions and attract

the desired outcomes you deserve.        

Narrative Reconciliation

Ori Eni aligns your thoughts with the wisdom of Olodumare through Narrative Reconciliation so that you can Free Your Mind to receive the wisdom revealed in your 1st or your 100th Dafa. Ori Eni brings you closer to your unique personal identity by resetting your personal information filtration system. 

Rock Balancing

Nurture Your Growth

Sprout Sessions Presentation

February 27, 2021 at 10 AM EST

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Fam - Energy is all about! 




March 11, 2021
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Holding Plant

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