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Let's face it, life happens to the best of us. We've all experienced a bad relationship, divorce, abuse (mental or physical), disappointment, rejection, abandonment and the list goes on. Each of these experiences are recorded in our Ori. Our Ori (mind) replays these experiences, whenever we cross paths with mirrored scenarios. Healing from these experiences can be temporarily arrested by emotions which impedes logic causing us to miss out on divine opportunities.


Until we recalibrate our narratives, we will continually impede our ability to receive the wisdom of Olodumare. Therefore, we'll paralyze our Babalawos, Irunmole, and Orisa's efforts to assist us along our journy.  


Ori Eni is a Mental Fitness Center that helps you to break down and reconstruct your information filtration system, through what we refer to as Narrative Reconciliation. This process includes various exercises designed to interrupt one from reacting from a victim's point of view. Alternatively, you will take control of the situation from a Healistic view over any situation you may face in life. This way the scars of the past will yield to the wisdom of Olodumare so that you can make better decisions and attract the desired outcomes you desire.        

Narrative Reconciliation

Ori Eni aligns your thoughts with the wisdom of Olodumare through Narrative Reconciliation. This powerful contemporary concept, allows you to Free Your Mind of outdated narratives that no longer serves your growth. Narrative Reconciliation is a Healistic approach to discontinue the emotional craving to justify our old behavioral patterns that impede our ability to humbly

submit to spiritual wisdom.   

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With Makanjuola and Ifasewa

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November 8, 2021
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